Royal Wedding (Part Two: Lambeth Method)

I love piping royal icing.  Love, love, love it (in fact, I would rather someone else do the baking for me so I can skip to the fun part). But I am not an expert on these techniques, so I won’t offer a step-by-step tutorial here.  What I will do is refer you to the best Lambeth teacher I know of, Wendy Kromer, and her Craftsy class “Learning the Lambeth Method,” which offers clear and simple instruction for Lambeth techniques.  I’m also posting some photos of my first attempt at this method, which happens to be on my London-Themed “Royal” Wedding Cake.

The Lambeth Method is really all about building a base of icing, then piping over it, and piping over it again, each time adding more details.  Royal icing dries quickly and is very strong, so each layer you add is held up by the layers beneath it.  The result is simply stunning! A good place to start is to just practice with your star tip (as I’ve done below).

Once I felt confident that I could pipe some pretty elements onto my cake, I gave it a try!

I’m really happy with how it turned out!  Not bad for a first attempt at the Lambeth Method!

Now check out a true expert teaching the Lambeth Method in her Craftsy Class!  You can try Craftsy Unlimited for FREE for 7 days, which means you can watch all the classes you want to watch!  If you’re hooked (like I am), you can purchase a monthly/yearly subscription to Craftsy Unlimited. I have an annual subscription, and I use it for more than just cakes. This week, I made pizza dough while watching Peter Reinhart’s class “Perfect Pizza at Home.” A few weeks ago, I made croissants with expert instruction from pastry chef Colette Christian. This summer, I plan to work on my sketching skills.  All of these classes are included with Craftsy Unlimited!



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