Royal Wedding Cake (Part One: Lily of the Valley)

Ahhh how I love a big, beautiful, over-the-top Royal Wedding. I remember watching the wedding of Charles and Diana when I was a young girl, in awe at the dress, the flowers, the hats, and the CAKE, oh swoon . . . the CAKE!  As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is fast approaching, you bet I will be tuning in to see the dress, the flowers, the hats, and obviously, the CAKE!

So this week, in honor of the Prince and his gorgeous bride, I am posting some photo tutorials on how I made this royal-themed wedding cake, my own little take on combining traditional and modern elements, a nod to the current monarchy.

The top two tiers of this cake represent the traditional, time-honored elements.  For this, I’ve used the Lambeth method of cake decorating, combined with some gumpaste Lily of the Valley.  These flowers are commonly used in wedding bouquets and on cakes as well.  Kate Middleton carried a gorgeous bouquet of Lily of the Valley in her 2011 wedding to Prince William.  They’ve also been a personal favorite of mine, being one of the first flowers to appear in my yard as a child, and I can close my eyes and imagine their lovely fragrance as I type this.

Lily of the Valley are a simple gumpaste flower to make, perfect for beginners, so if you’ve never tried them before, now is the time!






  1. Gather your tools (gum paste, needle nose pliers, 18 gauge wire, flower cutter, veining tool, corn starch).
  2. Use the pliers to make a tiny hook at the end of each wire.
  3. Dip in egg white or water and attach a small ball of gum paste over hook, pinching at the base to keep it in place



  1. Roll out your gum paste and use a small flower cutter to cut flowers for your Lily of the Valley.  Store the flowers in a plastic bag while you work so they don’t dry out.
  2. Use a tiny amount of water to attach the flower to the tip of your bud.
  3. Press an imprint into the center of your flower with the end of your veiner tool.

  1. Let your buds dry fully, then use your needle nose pliers to bend them just at the base of the bud.
  2. Use floral tape to group them together and cover the wire.
  3. Insert into your cake or sugar bouquet as desired.

Tomorrow, I will post a small photo tutorial of the Lambeth techniques I used for the rest of the top two tiers.  See you then!